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Synergy Service Solutions, LLC. provides virtual front-line support for businesses looking to supplement or replace their internal processes. The services offered consist of inbound or outbound Customer Service, Sales and/or Technical Support.  We are able to provide a vital service for smaller business that may only need assistance a couple of days a week, or a couple of hours a day. Synergy is capable of providing your business with agents that are committed to being available to support your business needs based on your managements forecasting, while were able to accommodate any fluctuations in your business demand.

What makes Synergy unique? Home is our corporate location. This footprint is duplicated throughout our organization with our agents. With this model, business are able to manage their bottom line, while reducing or eliminating the cost associated with maintaining a full-time employee within a traditional office setting; and the infrastructure needed to support such a endeavor. With the introduction of virtual services to a business, there can also be residual benefits; such as internal employees may be able to take advantage of working from home on a flex-time basis, which makes for much happier employees. Maybe employees are able to take long awaited vacations, and not return to work stressed out, because Synergy was there to lighten the load.

Utilizing a virtual call center environment, coupled with the correct technology, allows Synergy to introduce the concept of working from home to highly qualified individuals, who possess much sought after skills and work experience; with backgrounds in customer service, finance, accounting, and technical computer support.

Synergy is affiliated with Arise Virtual Solutions,, a recognized trailblazer within the home shoring arena.  This affiliation gives Synergy access to companies with business interest that embody areas such as telecommunications, consumer products, including online retailers, leisure travel and many others.